A life well spent

A funeral service in reality is a classroom setting about life. Yesterday at John Curran’s memorial Mass point after point was driven home about the meaning and legacy of life. The number of persons who traveled from near and far were signs of respect and human caring.The profound words of the priest about John and his love ones filled the congregation with awe and humor. The laughs and tears that spilled forth from the words of one who knew him the best ,his wife Mackie, made each one  realize what a treasure John was in their lives. It was a day to weep, but more importantly to realize the value of legacy. The world was never the same in the last seventy years because that Irish whirlwind bit into it with an enthusiasm that made each day special. His name and adventure will not be in every media outlet today, but it will forever be in the vision of everyone in that Church. We had the privilege to share in the legacy of a man who knew the fullness of being human, and the lessons he left are a legacy that is like a well filled with endless blessings. Godspeed John and thank you most of all for being you.

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