The middle is tired

Twenty eight Billion dollars wasted, the economy hurt, countless lives of ordinary lives harmed for what? This charade which has clearly indicated that the government has deteriorated into a political standoff with the purpose of selfish partisan politics. Both extremes on the right and left appear content to keep this “Groundhog” movie on the screen. However, the middle which comprises the majority of the American people is “mad as hell” and will not tolerate this aberrant behavior any longer. They want dialogue, and are not interested in winning but rather want their government to work. They desire leadership and movement on the key issues that face the nation. They are not so naïve that they believe it will all be resolved by this last minute reprieve, but they have lost all patience with sound bites and photo shoots. If the childish, out of touch behavior continues the middle will make the Congress pay in 2014.

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