Denmark 1943

Seventy years ago the Danes in an act of open defiance to the Nazi’s saved 7800 men, women and children from deportation. The Danes in a spontaneous series of acts choose to prevent their fellow citizens from being shipped to a death camp. They hid them in hospitals,schools,churches and private homes. They believed that they were saving other Danes because in their democracy the Jews were part of the fabric of the society. Unlike so many other nations there was no “we” “them” in Denmark. This was not an act by the government, but a series of heroic events performed by ordinary citizens . They arranged a flotilla of fishing boats, small crafts and even kayaks that took the Jews to Sweden where the citizens had persuaded the Swedish government to give them refuge. We must never forget the courage of these people, and it is a marvelous lesson to remind ourselves that in the end citizens have the power to act against bias and hate.

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