Remember the caregivers

In everyone’s life there comes an illness which requires constant attention and care. Certainly it is a most difficult time for the person who is experiencing the illness, but it is also most painful for the caregivers. As loved ones of the ill person there are thousands of hours that drain the energy and spirit. Love is what drives their total devotion but we must never leave them to believe that they are alone. They do not need simple suggestions from us, or ways that they could do a better job. What they need is for us to let them know that we are with them in this most difficult time. We do not have any magic wands, but we can be there for them in a host of ways. We can adsorb some of their confusion, their grief and their anger. A phone call, a visit an offer to aid in any way they need makes such a difference. Please think about anyone you know that could use your love and concern at this difficult time.

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