Ken Mehlamn

I am a flawed human being so I believe in forgiveness but certain acts are not easily forgiven. Ken Mehlman a gay man ran the anti gay program for the Bush reelection program. I understand why some choose to be in the closet but being a gay man and stoking the fires of fear and bigotry is beyond me. Now out of the closet Mr.Mehlman is trying to get Republicans to accept gay people. No overt contrition on his part for all the harm that he has done. Again I believe in second chances but it seems to me he should beg forgiveness for every person he hurt for political gains. How many kids were bullied because of his program.? How many persons suffered the pain and anguish of his hypocrisy? You can be forgiven like anyone else Me.Mehlman but words and bigotry have consequences. Forget the attempt to convert those that hired you and prostrate yourself and beg forgiveness for the brothers and sisters you betrayed.

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