Coming Out

I was reminded yesterday again how small the world is. Jayson Collins a professional basketball player revealed that he is a gay man. His grandmother worked for my in laws years ago and she was intensely proud of Jayson and his brother. Both were marvelous athletes and exceptional students, and she kept our family abreast of all of their accomplishments. Yesterday the world learned that Jayson was a gay man and immediately the airwaves were filled with those who support him and those who feel that this is a ploy to further an agendum that they find unacceptable.
I applaud this decision to be the first athlete still in the league to openly state who he is.It takes courage to share the most private part of one’s life and I look forward to the day when this is no longer the exception rather than the norm. Whether we are straight or gay the day has arrived when more and more people realize that love does not know race, gender or sexual preference.
I have always rooted for Jayson on the court, and now I have the privilege of rooting for him off the court as well.

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