The price we pay

We learned again in Boston that there is a price to pay for our way of life. The freedom to congregate, celebrate and have access to major sporting events has long standing tradition in this land. In the midst of the cheers and support for all the runners two people who had no grasp of what has made this a place where dreams are always possible committed murderous acts. Their hatred and misguided cause will make us more aware, and some of our way of life will have new restraints. However, we cannot and will not become a place where all of our freedoms are ended. We may be more cautious and look over our shoulders but the price of freedom is to resist the temptation to abandon that which makes this still a place that is open and free.
The events temporarily terrorized not only Boston but the entire country, but like the aftermath of 9/11 we will hold the hands of the wounded, mourn the deaths of those murdered and stand tall by never allowing hatred to prevent our endless search for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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