A week later

It is only a week since the awful event that occurred at the Boston marathon but lives have been changed forever. Some have been buried, others are facing years of therapy and adjustment, and all have been changed by the experience. It will not be the same in Boston or for that matter anywhere in our country. The events have changed us and at some level we know that we are all vulnerable. However ,we are a resilient people who will not spend every second cowering in fear. We will remember what hatred can do to innocents without being immobilized by the realization that it may and will probably happen again. Like that awful day in 2001 we will find resolve and strength in the courage and love that has so abundantly been evidenced by so many in this tragedy. We will remember and renew our resolve to lead our lives with a commitment to never let hatred rule the patterns of freedom that have so richly blessed this land.

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