Don’t waste your time

To all you losers creating weapons of destruction in your shabby hiding places I think there is a lot you need to know about Americans. We have strong differences of opinions, and you might take comfort in the fact that we are split in many ways. We argue and march over issues like the size of government, the deficit, unions and a host of social issues like gay marriage. Some of us are extremely conservative and others are ultra liberal. Many were vocal in their displeasure with President Bush and many feel the same way about President Obama. We worship differently and have the right to believe or not believe. There are tremendous cultural differences in our land ,and because most have come from other places we have literally thousands of traditions and customs. At first glance you may think that all of these differences will cause a wedge that you can exploit. You may feel a warmth as you wire your weapons and read whatever your manifesto is, but let me tell you that you are on a road to complete failure. The one thing we have in common is that we are all Americans and despite our differences we love this land with a passion which blocks out a billion times whatever your belief system is. Nothing you have or will do will ever make us lose faith in each other. You may kill some of us, and others may take years to overcome the harm you inflict but all you will do is make us temporarily nervous. We have been bombed in 1941 and have shed our blood on beaches all over the globe. Time after time miniscule brains like yours have decided to take us on, and check the records because there is a long line of losers that made that fatal mistake. My advice to you is return all the parts of the bombs you were making, get your money back and rethink whatever motivates you to believe that you can destroy the will of the American people. You in the end will be safer trying to push a rope up a Bengal Tiger’s behind than believing you can quell the American spirit.

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