How to help school children

The challenges facing American education are so mammoth that the temptation is merely to shrug the shoulders and accept the status quo.No one has a solution that fits all sizes in the scenario but every little bit helps.Pressing legislators to find places that are truly successful and replicating them.. Reallocating the way we fund all schools. Seeking the best and the brightest to become teachers and putting our money in rewarding excellent teaching. Also no longer tolerating the situations like “the rubber room ” in New York where the worst teachers are housed and paid their full salaries despite the fact that they do no work.Somehow each of us can make a difference in at least one child’s life.To continue to ignore the challenge will only put off thr inevitable.. If we don’t embrace all children those that are ignored will in some way or another force us to deal with them as adults. Time for courage and to find steps that work.

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