How can we change schools

It is not enough to merely shrug our shoulers at the fact that many kids in this country go to schools that ill prepare them for life. It is a waste of time to point fingers and feel good that we have identified the villains. It is time where we find meaningfull solutions so that every kid has a chance at a decent life. There are wonderful examples where learning is happening in places where there is little to be hopeful. Teachers, parents and administrators are overcoming tremendous odds and preparing children to fully access the wonders of learning. These are wonderful stories but they are not enough. Our future as well as our beliefs about life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness ride on all of us pitching in to make the schools places where children learn,grow and reach their potential.At some point in life we will have to deal with children that are left behind and the human and financial costs will be astronomical.There are solutions and it is the solemn obligation of all of us to speak up,speak out and act.

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