One of a Kind

I get a kick out of the quizzes on Facebook that allow me to find out which character I am on Downton Abbey,or which Super Hero I would be in a movie. It is a real hoot to use my imagination and wonder what it would be like to play one of those roles. However,there is a role and real life character that is singularly mine, and no other can ever fill that role. That role is unique and has never been played before, and will never be played again.It is based solely on my life, and I am the writer,the director-producer and prime actor. This is true of you and everyone else, so instead of our imitating others and imagining that we are someone else it is worthwhile to see the uniqueness of our lives.You and I are one of a kind, and in that sense we are priceless.Our worth can not be measured by comparison to others, and so we have the opportunity to write ,direct and act out our lives with a sense of joy and meaning.
The curtain is going up so step onto the stage and receive the applause that your life deserves.

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