Stand Against This

Some came in slave ships against their will. Others came because of religious persecution, famine or poverty.They endured unimaginable hardships but lived with a belief in the promise of America.
Now the president, using the design of a thirty year old bigot and a bureaucrat who has changed the intent of the woman in the harbor, wishes to completely change our way of life. You are now to be welcomed only if you fit the mold of money and education. It also helps if you are not brown or black. This is a bridge too far and if we do not stand against this we have completely lost our way. The beautiful woman in the harbor gave them hope and persons like my eleven year old father paid heavy prices to live here. He as a boy faced prejudice and the intolerable working conditions of a burlap factory six days a week; ten hours a day. Despite this, he and so many others built a middle class that was the envy of the rest of the world. We are the beneficiaries of their sacrifices. They truly made America great.

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