Abused Children

Doing the interviews for my novel Hitler’s Priest with Holocaust survivors one of the most painful moments was when they spoke of what their children endured.Today at our southern border children are not being gassed or killed, but some are living in horrendous settings. Regardless of where one comes down on the immigration issue, we must stand against what is happening to the most vulnerable young children. The settings are often prison like adult warehouses and children are living in squalid, overcrowded conditions. Many are too young to have the ability to understand what is happening, and I fear some will suffer lifelong PTSD symptoms .We cannot blithely dismiss this horror with” well their parents should never have placed them in this position.” We have been the harbor for the protection and care of children and are we to just shake our heads and look the other way?I ,for one .will send money to an institution outside of government to assist these children and will contact every administration official to end this inhuman behavior toward children. This is not a political issue where we smoothly slide into protecting our label. This is a crisis about who we are and what we stand for.

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