The Verdict

Saw “The Verdict” at our Friday night movie and it was a marvelous example of a person overcoming past failures. Paul Newman ,the main character, has lost his way, and a once promising career is daily drowned in the addiction of alchohol.He has a choice to continue to wallow in the past or to courageously take on great power to defend the rights of an innocent woman permanently harmed by two physicians. The path is strewn with challenges and at one point ready to give up he resists the temptation to throw in the towel, and ultimately wins the case. The plot is a wonderful metaphor for so many lives stuck in the past without a ray of hope for personal redemption. Every life has regrets, and stumbles are part of the human condition but so is hope and new chances for change and growth. For many it will not be as dramatic as the character in this movie but today and every day the opportunities for change and redemption are still possible.

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