The Government Shut Down

There is no change in my morning routine because of the closed government. I will have my breakfast ,do some writing and this afternoon will go to see Seton Hall play Providence College.I do not have to worry about my next meal or my condo monthly fee and truly I am blessed. However, for countless people each morning is a nightmare. Some cannot pay their mortgages, feed their children or pay for prescription drugs. This fiasco which could easily be resolved by dialogue and the recognition that the role of government is to serve not harm. My comfort and ability to be above this tragic situation should not allow me to blithely dismiss what others are experiencing. Silence in this matter is tantamount to consent; so I will add my small voice to those who are clamoring to end this childish test of wills. I have contacted members of the House and Senate as well as the White House. Stop the name calling, and don’t take your football and go home. End this today, and get back to good faith negotiations. The real national emergency is the pain caused by this shutdown.

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