Information on Presentation

I am often asked by friends to give them some information that will help them secure a presentation for me
.. There are various topics in my presentations so today I will share one of the requests that I send to organizations regarding the Holocaust.

The new wave of ant-Semitism keeps me up nights. I had the good fortune of studying with Viktor Frankl in Vienna and San Diego.As my mentor and friend he introduced me to many other survivors of the Holocaust.Their stories touched my heart and Viktor once said to me’Now that you know you must be a witness..”I have tried to fill that responsibility by writing two novels about the Holocaust, and have spoken here and in Europe about the roots of the persecution.

I would be honored to make a presentation to your congregation(school,college or organization)addressing the following points::

What were the circumstances and events in Germany that allowed Hitler and Goebbels to scapegoat the Jews?
What role did anti-Judaism play in the tragedy?
Did Christianity play any part in this through the centuries?
How did the pseudo science of race contribute to the genocide?
Did the Vatican know that the atrocities were happening?
Who were the heroes in the non-Jewish world?
How can we move forward in the relationship between Jews and Christians.

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