Transferring Driver’s License

For one shining moment it appeared that I would soon have my license in hand. I had passed the eye test and the last hurdle was merely to have my photo taken but then it happened. The clerk in reviewing the six thousand documents found that the report from the Washington DVM was passed the 30 day limit. Her Sound of Music face turned into a frown and she said “sorry but you have to get a new report”. Those words almost forced me into a catatonic state. Dealing with the Washington DVM is tantamount to swimming in shark infested waters with a Big Mac in your mouth. I asked to see a supervisor. Mr.McDonald was summoned and I immediately told him my favorite musical was Brigadoon and I have six recordings of bag pipe favorites that I play daily. He in a scornful voice said”I hate musicals and the bagpipes make me nausceous.”I then began to hum the theme of the Godfather and asked him if he had a horse. Hoping the bloody image would cause him to make an exception but again there was no change. I then resorted to the old Jersey City favorite by dropping a twenty dollar bill on the floor and asking if it was his.The bureaucrat smiled and gave his final “no” while carving another notch on his belt.I with stooped shoulders left and know that the next six weeks will be spent trying to get the Washington DVM to respond to my begging.

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