On the Corner Presentation

Giving a major presentation on my novel”On the Corner” this evening.The points that I will make are :

1.On the Corner is a metaphor for community. A place where one belongs and like Cheers everyone knows your name.
2.Michael and Sal encounter doubts early on as to what they should do with their lives.
3.These ordinary men lead extraordinary lives
4.Major losses happen in every life but the reaction to those losses define a person.
5.One person negotiates life by Religion and the other by spirituality. Both have genuine value.
6.Friendship is a gift that can last for one’s entire life.
7. Diverse views on life and politics need not sever friendships.
8. Every age needs purpose and meaning.
9.Men tease each other as signs of their love
10.Friendships allow the little child within us to live and thrive.
11. Service to others is the path to happiness.

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