Time for Civility and Leadership

Many are worn out by the daily political bombshells that emanate from the executive branch and the congress. Civility is dead and literally nothing gets done. Finger pointing allows this dysfunction to continue and the business of the people is largely ignored. Statistics supporting the desire of the American people are blissfully ignored and lobbyists that have never been elected to anything decide policy behind closed doors.This current morass is unsustainable if we are to be the America that has led the free world for decades.Those in power will continue with the lack of leadership,civility and dedication to more than being re-elected if we just stand by and do nothing.It is time to force the will of the people on those that try to pit us against each other and hide behind partisan rhetoric. This begins by ceasing to feed into their strategies to pit us against each other. We can and must find common ground with those who feel differently on the major challenges that face America.It is time for each of us to become the leaders in this time of political cowardice. The least we can do is vote out those that participate in the charade of the present farce.

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