John McCain

For years John McCain proudly carried the label of “Maverick”. He often annoyed both those on the left as well as those on the right.Outspoken and brash, he rarely minced words and his candor separated him from most politicians. I did not always agree with him on the issues, but because I had experienced first hand the stories of flyers that had been incarcerated in Vietnam held his service in the highest regard. The stories of what those men endured for years is almost unimaginable. I knew a few that were close to McCain and they sung his praises as a leader. He could have been liberated earlier but chose to stay and did not wish preferential treatment.
Today there are unfounded stories about him that have no basis in fact and he has been targeted as an enemy of the current administration. I hope that all compassionate Americans will respect the man and his family in the final days of his life. I honor his service ,and know that history will be kind to this courageous man ,who though fallible served his country with honor and courage.

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