Immigration Policy

In February 1912 eleven year old Salvatore Tagliareni came to America from Cammarata,Sicily. He did not speak a word of English but wept when he saw the statue of Liberty.Prejudice was rampant at that time and so school was not available to him. He worked six days a week in a sweat shop. He was covered with dust,debris and never complained because this land held so much promise. This man and his brothers in the 1920’s owned the second largest laundry in New Jersey. They worked tirelessly to build a meaningful life for their families.They loved this country with a passion and their sons literally shed blood on foreign lands.This was the America that cradled them and they paid her back with building communities that were the envy of the world
Today I heard words from the White House Press room that were so far from the values of what has made us great. I heard a spokesman demean the legacy on that statue in the harbor and a policy on immigration that makes no sense ,morally, economically and is an aberration to our most cherished values.Sorry Mr.Miller you and Bannon can fool some of the people all of the time, but the bulk of those who are the progeny of those that could not speak English will fight you tooth and nail on this policy.

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