I am sure that Moses complained to his wife about the behavior of their children.Growing up many parents thought that listening to Elvis Presley would lead their children to Hell. It has been the role of every generation to compare themselves to their children, and often the comparisons were negative. This phenomenon is still alive and well when it comes to the Millennials. It s often said they are rude,self centered and often act in total contradiction to the values of their parents.
It is only a small sample but I have a very different view of them. While living in DC I worked as a volunteer in a church soup kitchen. There were hundreds of volunteers and most were under the age of thirty five. Many were professionals that served the poor and the homeless before they went to their places of employment. To a person I found them to be dedicated,caring persons who treated the recipients of the program with care and respect. In the many conversations that I was privileged to have with them we often discussed their search for meaning and purpose. They all were ambitious, but this drive was complimented by a real devotion to community.
Put me down as one who has great hope for the future because of my personal experience with Millennials.

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