What do we stand for?

The critical question is not whether one is a Republican,Democrat or Independent. These labels may put people into categories, but they do not get to the most critical question;what kind of country is America becoming?
Are we a country that takes basic health care away from children?
Removes Medicaid dollars from those that require Nursing homes?
Radically slashes funds for hospice care?
Allows new virulent pesticides that harm farm workers and children?
Ignores overwhelming climate science that has dire consequences for millions of Americans?
Drastically cuts funds from the State department at a time when diplomacy is so critical?
Treats the clean air and water as givens while treating pouters as “good old boys” hampered by unreasonable regulations?
Promoting the belief that if you are poor or homeless you are a moocher?
Preaching “small government”while invading every personal avenue of citizen;s lives?
Taking funding away from the Nurse’s education and training?
Decimating rural health care with a Health care bill that will leave increases in illness and death in its wake?
A nation that sees education and the arts as elitist and should be dramatically disdained?
The belief that the answer to defeat Issis and terrorism is military?

There are hundreds of other vital questions that must be answered in this inhuman version of the President’s budget.
I have worked with multi millionaires as well as one billionaire.Also had the opportunity to do “pro bono” work in the poorest sections of Philadelphia. There are “moochers” in both of those environments but they are not the large percentage of our brothers and sisters.
Are we still a country that believes in the philosophy of” one for all and all for one”? Or are we drifting toward a world of “As long as I get mine the hell with the weak,marginalized and powerless?

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