Second Opinion

When Diane Thomas was in college on a scholarship she was devastated when she received an F on one of her creative writing pieces. She begged the professor to change the grade because she feared losing her scholarship. He agreed but only if she would promise that she would give up writing. Years later while working as a waitress in a restaurant she overheard a group of journalists speaking about their work. She told them she would love to write but her attempts were failures. She related the story of her encounter with her professor.

One of the journalists was disturbed by the professors actions and told her to send him some of her work and he would give her constructive feedback. He was astounded at her talent and encouraged her to begin writing again.She went on to write “The Jewel of the Nile” and Romancing the Stone.

The moral of the story is that critics in our lives are not always right and before you bury a dream get a second opinion.

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