John’s Birthday

As a father when a child is born you realize how marvelous it is, but you also become keenly aware of the awesome responsibility. There are literally thousands of moments where you attempt to provide the balance of nurturing,modeling and being there for all the highs as well as the low moments of childhood. At some point the relationship changes ,and you realize that you no longer have a child, but an adult who has been fully launched into making their own way. I have been blessed beyond measure because that child has become a man who has such beauty of soul and kindness that he has now become a mentor. My son John is to celebrate his birthday on Tuesday ,and I have watched him grow into a loving husband,father ,son friend and model of caring and kindness.His manhood is not confined by narrow judgments of others, and he is an example of strength and wisdom that I now draw from each day. My wish for him on his birthday is that he will realize what a gift he is to all who are privileged to know him.

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