The Limestone Lodge was a lovely Inn near the town of Doolin, ,and 8 kilometers from the Cliffs of Moher. The driver Mr. Finnerty or”Big Fin” as he preferred to be called suggested that they rest for a wee bit, and then he would pick them up and drive them to a pub for lunch in the quaint town of Doolin. He proudly boasted that Doolin was the center of Irish music, and they were fortunate because Sean Doyle the famous singer and tin whistle player was in town for a three day stint at Gus O’Connor’s pup. He also suggested that they go to the Cliffs in the morning because the forecast was more favorable tomorrow rather than this afternoon.

The accommodations were excellent at the Limestone Inn ,and Arlene was thrilled that despite the overcast day with drizzling rain she could see the Cliffs of Moher from their room. After a shower ,and a short nap she informed Michael that she was “raring” to go to Doolin. Fortunately Ireland had a nonsmoking rule so there would be no difficulty for her breathing at the pub. She had a portable oxygen canister, but preferred not to use it unless it was absolutely necessary. The driver who had been waiting for hours in the lobby immediately responded to their phone call, and holding an umbrella over Arlene’s head gently assisted her into the back seat. The ride to Doolin was rather harrowing due to the narrow lanes ,but nothing could upset Arlene because she was in the land of her family, and this was a dream come true.Michael on the other hand grimaced every time another car coming the other way at great speed barely squeezed by them.

Gus O’Conner’s pup was a throwback to an earlier time in history.Arlene smiled, and inhaled the smells, and embraced the character and visuals of a place frozen in time. She loved the walls graced with some of Ireland’s historical characters and heroes.If God were to create a pub Gus O.Connor’s would be the model.The menu was filled with all sorts of fish and bangers.Unlike the states the beer was at best lukewarm, but even that did not take way the joy of the McNally’s lunch.Arlene passed on the beer, and chose instead a cup of Irish coffee. The bonus of the lunch was that Sean Doyle and his three friends were practicing for opening night, and the sounds of the tin whistle and song filled the pub. When Doyle played”Whiskey in the Bar” the place erupted in spontaneous applause.He followed by singing” Galway Gal” and the silence in the pub during the song made it truly an emotional experience. It was a magic afternoon for the McNally’s

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