Michael now understood that he had Arlene’s complete support so he started to fill out the necessary paper work required to apply for surgical residencies. The process was referred to as “Match Day” because the medical student filled out his preferred residencies and rated them in order of preference and the hospitals did the same thing.Michael had five hospitals on his list but his number one was Bellevue Hospital in New York City.Two months after he had submitted his paperwork he was requested to come to Bellevue for an interview.

Michael had a college friend Bert Burke that had an apartment
overlooking Central Park, and when Michael called and requested they meet in the city for dinner Bert informed Michael that he would be out of town, but invited his college buddy to stay in his apartment.Michael was thrilled to be in the city that night, but he was very anxious about the interview ,and had trouble sleeping..He rose early, and despite warnings about being in the park at night decided to go for an extended run.

Entering the park he loved the stillness of the night and the cool breeze against his face.He was running at a rapid pace, and thousands of thoughts were racing through his mind.Suddenly without warning another runner crashed in to him and both tumbled and fell to the ground on top of each other.Michael struggled to gain his composure and the other runner rose quickly and bolted into the darkness. Michael instinctively reached for his back pocket, and realized the other runner had deliberately run into him and had stolen his wallet.Prudence required that he not chase the villain who may have had a weapon, but the city kid mentality kicked in and he raced to catch the thief.In minutes he caught up with the thief and tackled him. Holding the perpetrator in a headlock he said”You know what I want”. His assailant reached into his pocket and handed Michael his wallet. Michael pushed the culprit away and said”now get out of here you son of a bitch.”After this encounter Michael realized it was time to leave the park because the next thug might have a weapon.

As he walked back to the hotel he though perhaps he should call the cops, but he feared they might detain him and he did not want to be late for his interview at Bellevue. He was feeling pride because he has refused to meekly be a victim, and had fought back against his assailant..It may have been imprudent but he was glad that he dd not merely accept the robbery.

Arriving at the apartment he took the elevator to the second floor. It was now daybreak, but he would have plenty of time for a shower and a full breakfast somewhere near the hospital.He also wanted to review the answers to the questions his professors suggested would be asked in the interview.As he opened the door and switched on the light he was aghast at what he saw.His wallet was on the side table next to the bed.He had mugged another runner in the park ,and had stolen his wallet.Panic set in as he sat on the bed and reviewed his options.It was so dark that it would be literally impossible for the other person to identify him but there was still the reality that he had the wallet in his possession.He went into the bathroom and fearing that his prints would be on the wallet scrubbed it clean with a bath towel.

Opening the door he looked both ways before entering the hallway, and took the stairs instead of the elevator.Walking briskly and constantly surveying the area he finally found a mail box. He carefully removed the wallet with his handkerchief, and pitched it into the mailbox.He hurriedly walked back to the apartment avoiding eye contact with anyone on the way.

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