The academic schedule of medical school was far more difficult than undergraduate work, but Michael.Catherine and Joseph continued to excel in the classroom and labs.Michael had completely adjusted to Philadelphia. He compared his new city to the one of his birth but added “it is a hell of a lot larger” Most days he was engulfed in his studies but there were moments when the losses of his mother and brother weighed heavily on his heart

Financially strapped Michael and Arlene would often drive to the airport. and watch planes take off and land.It was on one of these occasions that while chatting Arlene mentioned that one of her dreams was to board a plane with a child and go to some magical place for vacation. Michael thought that would be wonderful, and hoped that someday they would be blessed with a child..Arlene leaned over and placed her hand in his and said “Do you have any idea where I went on Thursday?” Michael said”What does that have to do with vacations and children?” Arlene tousled his hair and moving closer to him in the front seat of their car responded”It has everything to do with it silly.”Michael for all his brilliance still did not have a clue what she was talking about.””What does Thursday have to do with it?”I had a doctor’s appointment.” “For a fleeting second Michael experienced panic.”Arlene are you alright?Why did you go to the Doctor’s?”Arlene could no longer hold back her news..

I went because I had a suspicion, and it was confirmed.”Michael could barely breathe suspecting that a new tragedy was about to occur.”Michael we are going to have a baby.”
Michael sobbed with joy when he heard the news, and could not speak for minutes.He had known the ravages that death leaves in its wake,, and now he would experience the wonder of the birth of a child.

There was a new energy and vitality in Michael’s step after Arlene’s news. When the day arrived he drove Arlene to the hospital, and stayed with her until she went into the birth area..He had secured permission to be with Arlene during the entire birth process.When the baby arrived and began to cry it was joined by Michael’who was weeping in unison with his son..

Michael felt such joy and elation at the sight of his newborn son..For the next few days he would leave class and race to the hospital to spend time with Arlene and Michael Jr.He told Catherine and Joe.that holding his son in his arms was beyond description.

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