The morning of Mother’s Day Michael knew that this would be a most painful experience for his brothers.His own level of grief was intense, but like his Mother he thought of them before he thought of himself. Entering his brothers room he was aware that Donny had been weeping.Danny was the more stoic of the two but he was more concerned about him than Donny and hoped that in some way he would share his feelings. Michael said”It js almost time for us to go to Mas so meet me down stairs in five minutes.”

The walk from their house on Delaware avenue to St Aloysius church was merely three blocks but it was filled with constant reminders of what they had lost. It seemed that out of every house in this predominantly Catholic neighborhood mothers and children were on their way to Mass.

Graduation was another grief milestone and that morning while putting on his cap and gown Father Mcnulty came into the waiting area and spent a few minutes with him .He told Michael “it has been my experience that every first event is most painful, and I am sure that Mothers Day was no picnic for you and the boys. One thing I know is that your Mother was so proud of you, and her spirit will be present today. When you give your valedictorian talk know that she will be on your shoulder. Micheal reached out and hugged Father Frank McNulty

Michael gave up his scholarship to Notre Dame because he felt a deep responsibility to help raise his brothers Danny and Donald. He realized how devastating his mother’s death was on him, and because of the tender age of his brothers he felt a deep need to stay home and attend Seton Hall University. His father was a devoted provider, but without the love and affection of his wife was unable to provide for the emotional and educational needs of his sons. Every day he would come home from his job at the American Can his meal in silence and then retreat to his barker lounge.Each night was the same, watching mindless TV and polishing off a huge bottle of beer.His mother’s sister Mary had done everything in her power to fill the gap, but she had responsibilities of her own raising four children after her husband had died in a factory accident six years ago. Arlene ,Michael’s girlfriend also attempted in every way to assist Michael but at the end of the day Michael had an intense sense of loyalty and and believed that it was his primary responsibility to help raise the boys.

On September 6 Michael had arranged with a high school classmate who was to attend Seton Hall University that they would share the driving .It was important for Michael not to feel sorry for himself and not wallow in the realization that his lifelong dream to play basketball for Notre Dame University would never happen. He meditated and prayed asking for guidance from his God, and decided that he would throw his entire being into his new college career at Seton Hall University ,He did not in any shape or form want his college opportunity to be in his mine a secondary experience, He would not have the opportunity to attend dorm life but he believed that he could balance the needs at home with a thorough and fulfilling experience as a college student.

Arriving early on his first day on the campus his friend Joe made his way to the bookstore while Michael made his way to the college chapel. It was a peaceful warm and inviting setting for Michael as he entered he blessed himself with holy water and knelt in the last pew. The Chapel which had been home to Seton Hall students for almost 100 years was small but architecturally beautiful. The stained-glass windows and the , Carrara marble altar created a sense of welcome which was exactly what Michael needed on this first day









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