Message to Isis


You have succeeded in getting our attention, and I must admit that your horrific acts around the globe have terrified us. Our gut reaction is that we are thinking of responding in kind. However, I am reminded that you are not the first group of monsters that believed you could divide us, and bring us to our knees. We have long memories of despots and villains who thought the sword was the answer to all questions. We remember Pearl Harbor ,911 the Blitz in London , all apparent victories by groups like yours. These horrific acts of murder apparently led the perpetrators to celebrate in the streets but guess what happened in the end? We remember the Nazis marching into Poland, and literally murdering their way across Europe. We have constant visions of innocents being murdered, and gas chambers attempting to obliterate an entire race of innocents. We have libraries filled with the names of those that thought they would rule the world for a thousand years. Their acts were part of strategies that believed that force always beats kindness, love and the celebration of diversity.

I have news for you as you smugly enjoy the pain that you are causing. We will not have a knee jerk reaction to your monstrous behavior. We will resist the immediate urge to water board you, or torture those that we capture. We will not murder your relatives. However we will defeat you in the long run, and though military attempts will be vital in sending you the way of all will be our beliefs in a humanity that you cannot understand and rail against that will doom you to the pile of failed ideologies. Our respect for the rule of law, the value of every person, and a commitment to a love instead of hate will prevail.

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