Making America Great

Making America Great

First and foremost we must stop the demonizing rhetoric. Neither Progressives nor Conservatives have totally captured truth.There are wonderful opportunities to meld views that will lead to real solutions.
Find four or five major topics and search for common ground
Suggested topics: Rebuilding the Infrastructure
Creating real middle class jobs, and building a health care system that is phenomenal ,and cost effective for all
Ending homelessness and child hunger. Embracing every veteran ,and helping assist them into the fullness of the American dream for which they served.
Guaranteeing that every child in America has an excellent education
Addressing the key implications of Climate change
Engaging all in the question of how to solve the endless mass killing of innocents
Defeating any ideology based on hatred and bias

Admit that we are a magnificent country, but we are no longer first in many categories
Face the reality that no one can bring back the old manufacturing jobs.
Open ourselves to the reality that there are millions of new jobs that can be created in manufacturing and infrastructure
Be respectful of believers and atheists alike, but clearly keep religion out of politics
Bend a reverential knee to the Founding Fathers, but realize that democracy is a living reality that must undergo positive transformational change. Remember when they launched this magnificent idea slaves and women had no constitutional rights.
Understand that regardless of color,creed beliefs,gender or sexual orientation everyone wants the dream of life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If some are not free none of us are free.
Make it simple for all citizens to vote, and create real term limits for all politicians.
Limit the Presidential race to six months, and forbid any outside funding.
Renew the concept and reality of real Capitalism, and engage Corporations in becoming true partners with the community.
Create a simple equitable tax system that is fair to all
Admit that there are cancers in society such as racism,sexism,homophopia and any other bias that brands people. These must be openly dealt with,and we need to find concrete ways for people to have real exchanges.
Unleash the sleeping Tiger of millions who wish to volunteer to help others, but do not have facile ways to operationalize their good intentions.

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