Different Views

Seeing a real opening to control the debate Mike raises his voice “They came as legal immigrants who followed all the rules. They did not sneak in and soak up all the benefits. My family worked their asses off, and devoted themselves to making a better life for their children. In just two generations they changed the course of History in this country. I as a physician am a living example of what  love and devotion to country can achieve. The liberal bullshit is give away city. Carter, Clinton ,Gore and now Obama are willing to give away the store as long as they can steal some votes. Actually I will cut Clinton some slack he was only interested in getting laid. The new nut Bernie Sanders is an avowed communist and looks like the characterfrom the Muppets.. Everything will be free soon and poor bastards like you and I will have to give till it hurts. When the hell did you think that an avowed communist would run for the presidency? And then there is the Dragon Lady herself. I would rather trust the words of a serial killer than her.”


Sal waves off the barrage and volleys with.Yeah the moral hypocrites that espouse a morality that is purist in nature, but bullshit in practice. The crowd that were so outraged by Clinton were balling everything that moved .Your current presidential crowd and moral majority supporters are  filled with candidates who are married a bunch of times and have had more affairs than Clinton. They don’t believe in science, and think every woman should be pregnant and silent. What about Cruz, talk about a scary guy.a couple of weeks ago he said there is no place in America for atheists and gays. Some of the things that come out of those presidential debates sound as though they come from people who have no understanding of our heritage. Trump is my favorite though he just makes shit up “Is this what I have to look forward to everyday the parrot version of Beck ,.Limbaugh and Hannity?’


Fully engaged both Sal and Mike are standing trading barbs facts and political vies. “Not as bad as those assholes on MSNBC.  The so called Reverend Al Sharpton and Rachael Maddow defend the indefensible like the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore..They act like every cop has a hunting license to shoot innocent civilians.”

The confrontation has become more and more heated and Sal seeks to defuse the exchanges.


“Mike I think that if we continue this partisan crap we are both going to have elevated blood pressure. I seriously doubt that either one of us is going to have an aha moment and move to the other side. Obviously we both feel passionately about these political issues, and maybe we need to discuss other things. Hell I haven’t seen you in years, and I don’t want this to be a one contentious kind of relationship. We were great friends in school, when we hung around on the corner. I would rather spend time on what we have in common rather than what separates us.”


Sitting down and wiping the perspiration off his brow Mike agrees. “ I think you’re right, I am getting a little hot under the collar, and if you agree to put your New York Times under the table I will agree to be civil.”


“I’ll make you a deal, I’ll never read the New York Times in your presence if you agree never to turn on Fox news in the game room.”


“Can I read Glen Beck’s book out loud?”


“You do and I’ll have Hilary Clinton come to our speakers program:”


Somewhat shocked at Sals statement. “We have a speakers program here?”


Sal: “Yeah last year we had, Barbara Streisand,Michael Moore and Barney Frank.”


Mike makes the sign f the cross.: “Christ, shoot me now.”


Sal;” Just breaking your balls Doctor Let’s go to lunch.


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