Good Old Days

Sal was absolutely thrilled that part of his vibrant past would be living at Fox Hill, and there is nothing more comforting than knowing that the culture you grew up in is known and loved by a buddy. “I think the last time I saw you was when you and Gerry Pier were pitching pennies on the corner.”

“There’s a name I have not heard in a century. Do you recall your comment about him in Sister Angela’s’ class?”Sal laughed and though he could vividly picture Gerry Pier in his mind there were no incidents that flowed out with the recognition of his name.:” hell I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.”Mike chuckled and began to set the scene. It was one of the hot Indian summer days, and even with those God awful  Catholic uniforms the girls wore it was obvious that Mary Ann Gallo was hugely endowed  Gerry was staring at her  breasts when he was called upon to read by Sister Angela. He had an erection, so he kept his hand on it trying to hide it. Sister Angela demanded that he take his hand out of his pocket. When he did this you said” Hey Gerry you forgot a finger. “The good sister raced down the aisle and whacked you five or six times, and demanded that you go to confession.”

Sal was doubled up with laughter, but would give no credence to the event. “I’m a good catholic boy, and I am sure you are making that up. Speaking of getting whipped by the good sister has the warden shown you all of the facilities yet?” “Do you mean the Directress Mrs.Toffler?. She has the personality of a door. Her facial expression looks like she has a migraine and bleeding hemorrhoids. Does she always seem so formal and aloof?” “Wait until you’re here a while, she will really piss you off. The woman has more fucking rules than the government. Sometimes I feel like I am in the third grade being scolded by one of the nuns. Speaking of nuns, do you remember that you asked Sister Michaela the principal of the grade school for permission to take a collection for the unknown soldiers’ mother on Mothers day?”

Incredulous that Sal remembered that he smiled and offered “Yes, I actually made one hundred and six dollars until Fr. Kelly found out about it. Not only did I have to give the money back, but had to make a public apology to all those I had fleeced. After I apologized he read the riot act to me, and said He would be watching me. He scared the hell out of me. I always thought that the discipline was only because it was expected. I think he actually got a kick out of it. Remembering that indicates that at least you still have all your marbles. Walking around this morning I had the distinct impression that a lot of people are just sitting on their asses waiting for the grim reaper. Actually I prefer those who are out of it to the breakfast crowd discussing every freaking part of their body, and what ails them. The news that I was a surgeon must have been leaked out. Tough to eat oat meal when the table conversation revolves around bowel movements and kidney stones.” Sal Nods in agreement “Yeah I know that feeling. I never thought the main topics of conversation would center on the ills of the aging process. They should change the name of this place from Fox Hill to God’s waiting room .It is  like the ground hog movie version of dying. Some people in life check the baseball scores; we check the number of those that have made it through the night.”




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