Fox Hill

Making a left turn off the main road the large sculptured gate at the entrance of Fox Hill appeared and winding down the road to the main entrance John heard Salvatore’s sigh as he closed his eyes.

Parking in front of the entrance John went to the trunk to remove the two suitcases, and gently placed them on the curb.” Dad wait here, I’m going to park the car and then we can walk in together” .Sal opened the car door gingerly, stepped outside and glanced at the lovely manicured grounds and thought to himself well” I guess this Is better than prison. “He mused to himself somehow I thought I would escape this chapter. I never thought I would go from a vibrant life with a loving wife to a number in a sanctuary merely marking time.”.” John. picked up the suitcases, and they entered the front door of Fox Hill.

Immediately entering the vestibule they were met by the Mrs. Blanche Boyer.” Well good morning I gather this is Doctor Salvatore LA Greca. Welcome Dr., and I presume that you are his son John Well please follow me to my office, and we can chat about some of the benefits of living at Fox Hill.” Sal turned to John and said “you don’t have to stay John ,I know you have things to do. Please say hello to Amy and Erika.”” Okay dad if you need anything at all just let me know because I am not that far away. I know this weekend both Amy and Erika would love to come here, and maybe we could go out to lunch.”The two men embraced, John turned and walked to the door, and again Sal felt that he was all by himself.

“Well let’s start with the preliminary question of name. What would you like me to call you, doctor, Salvatore ,Sal the what is your preference?” Sal thought this jazz is so annoying. What do I care what she calls me? His initial impression of Mrs. Boyer was that she was a cross-section between nurse Ratchet from” One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest “and Mary Poppins.She was apparently trying to be bouncy and happy in making this like he somehow just won the Nobel Prize.” Seeing that you have no preference I will refer to you as Salvatore.” Opening a file drawer she handed Sal a thick packet of materials. “This is a packet of information regarding most of the things that you will need to know about living at Fox Hill. As you well know we refer to ourselves as the place where there is more than ample opportunity for you to maintain your normal lifestyle. We request that some of your furniture and artwork or whatever is most appropriate be placed in your individual condos so that you will feel more comfortable “

Sal was barely paying attention, and was wishing that this part of the process would end so he could go to his room and just lie down, and try to absorb what was happening to him He said” fine I will read this later when I get to my room “ Mrs Boyer seemed annoyed at his lack of interest, and offered a quick tour of the facility. “It might be beneficial for me just to give you a quick tour of the facility, and show you some of the amenities that we hope that you will be able to utilize in your stay here. “That last offer of a tour was the last thing Sal wished to experience.. After handing him his packet of information Mrs. Boyer opened the door and said” let’s start by walking down the corridor to the music room; opening the door she said here you will find all sorts of the CDs ,and by the way we have a piano, and fortunately ,three of the persons that live here are accomplished pianists ,and more than occasionally we have sing-alongs Sal thought to himself “God shoot me now; he envisioned being stuck on karaoke night singing show tunes with a bunch of strangers..
Leaving the music room they walked down the hallway to the arts and crafts room. Mrs. Boyer cheerfully chirped” we have all sorts of opportunities for people to use their skills and talents .Sal glanced at the four “souls wrapped up in making Christmas ornaments or stringing beads together ,and thought the day I wind up in this damn room will be the day the world ends.” For the next 20 min. Mrs Boyer guided Sal through the corridors, and explained a great deal of information. He thought to himself ‘”.If this tour continues for much longer l might up go up on the roof and end it all.. Finally the tour ended and he was shown to his room .Closing the door he lay on the bed, and thought to himself” I haven’t been this anxious since that first day at Darlington seminary”,

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