Helen of Troy

The first date was the beginning of a deep romance between Helen and Sal ,and it was time for Helen’s family to meet Sal. Helen suggested because her parents were devout Catholics it would be wise for them to get to know Sal before they informed them of his background. The four day visit in Troy,New York was delightful, but Helen’s parents were convinced that Sal was a divorced man.They were ready to accept that but were stunned when on the last morning in Troy Sal revealed that he had been a Catholic Priest,
A week after they left Troy Helen’s father wrote a long letter telling his daughter that he believed that this relationship was one that should be approached with great caution.Helen had a strong reaction to the letter, and was about to respond. However Sal cautioned her to not write an angry response.”He told her” your father adores you, and does not know me from a hole in the wall. Give your parents time to adjust. Sal knew that he was currently in the back of the bus but hopefully when time passes they will understand that their daughter is in a loving relationship.

Fortunately as time passed Sal no longer owned a seat in the back of the bus ,and had a rock solid relationship with Helen’s parents. It was a significant blessing that now living in Amherst the trip from Massachusetts to Troy ,New York was only two hours so they saw them regularly. Helen and Sal had been blessed with two wonderful children who loved visiting Nana and Pop because there were so many pleasures for them in and around the Murray home. They had access to the country club pool ,and could gorge themselves without their parents harping on how much chocolate they had devoured.

Bud was a member of the Supreme Court in New York, and was universally admired for his decisions and work ethic. Dorothy was always the Belle of every social event and a hostess without peer. They were singular gifts to the La Greca’s budding family.

There are two stories that epitomize Bud Murray. The first revolves around the clothes shopping for his four daughters as they were growing up.Dorothy,a fashion plate in her own rite, shopped for the girls’ clothing at a marvelous children’s shop in Troy. The name of the establishment was The Geranium Tree. The clothes were all beautiful, but in fact it was a pricey establishment. Despite being a dutiful and caring father, Bud knew nothing about the styles and cost of female clothing. One evening while writing checks he was stunned by The Geranium Tree bill. In utter astonishment he turned to Dorothy and inquired”Heavens Dorothy how many Geraniums did you buy?”

The second Bud story happened in Troy in 1943. Bud was a war hero who had won the Silver Star as a Colonel in the South Pacific.Having been wounded he was home for a bit before rejoining his outfit. Bill was one of Bud’s closest friends ,and had not been drafted because he was blind in one eye, and had a severe limp.He received a draft notice ,and was to report for an appointment at the Albany Draft Board. Bud graciously offered to drive him and knowing Bill was anxious Bud attempted to curtail his anxiety. He told Bill”I have been in the military for three years, and I can assure you that you will be rejected.”

When they arrived at the Draft Board Bill entered the building, and Bud found a local café where he had coffee and a piece of apple pie. He finished his food, and thought it would be about the time when Bill would return to the car. As he approached the car he observed Bill at the top of the building’s steps frantically waving a white sheet of paper. Bud was confused, but as Bill approached he said” I am to report in two weeks. I’ve been drafted. “Bud was flabbergasted and said “quick get in the car the Germans must be in South Troy.”

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