There is always some belief or cause that allows terrorists to take human lives without pause or reflection.Since the beginning of recorded history some belief, at times religious, or framed in the desire to create a better way of life.It justifies the actions.It always appears initially to be novel, but in fact it is similar in its root.Hatred of the other, and total justification for killing will unfortunately always be part of ongoing history.The horror inflicted never considers the pain and suffering that the violence causes.It can lead to genocide,crematoria,incarcerations, bombings in subways or airports,the slaughter of innocent children in schools .These murderous acts test the will of the good people who decry them
..Today it is Belgium, and we know that this will not be the end

The key consideration is that there will be agreement that these and all terrorists must be brought to justice, but what are the implications for daily ordinary life that these acts call into question.?We cannot be naive about how we approach these issues ,but we must be careful not to allow terror to have us change our most cherished values.If the murderers pit us against each other and force us to severely alter who we are then they have taken even more then life,they have stolen our souls.

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