Tired of it

I am so tired of the personal insult approach that is taking place in presidential politics.I find it demeaning when one personal physical insult is hurled at each other instead of addressing in detail policies that are critical ,and searching for common ground.We are a people that needs answers to the challenges that face this great nation, and it may be amusing to talk about big ears,small fingers and who sweats the most, but it is below the standard of what we deserve.This great nation has a crumbling infrastructure,and a plethora of challenges that beg for common ground.

We were so unified as a people after nine eleven and this childish approach at ridicule does not move the ball one inch regarding the need for unity of purpose and resolve.I am the inveterate believer in the will and resolve of the people of this great nation, but insults and bathroom references will avail us little in the areas that require serious debate.

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