Jeanne Mount

Some of the things I learned from Jeanne Mount:

You can be totally overwhelmed with tragedy, or you can find ways to rise above even the most impossible circumstances

Spend little time and energy on telling children what they can’t do

Handicapping conditions do not prevent a child from loving and being loved

Be unbelievably non-judgmental because you have no idea what others are struggling with

Make your home mission control where others come, and are refreshed and recharged

Take bitterness and anger out of you heart. It will only hurt you at every level of your being

Be quick to forgive, and also to openly say you are sorry when you hurt another

Laugh frequently, and never lose the little child in you that still sees wonder in the world

Support those that are struggling, and don’t wait to be asked if you can help

Never lose sight of the marginalized and less fortunate

Embrace music because it will lift your soul in times of joy and sorrow

Dedicate your lives to your friends, and be ever grateful for their presence in your life

Try and find goodness in everyone even those that make it nearly impossibl

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