Political speech

I have always believed that politicians have the right to say ridiculous things, but there are limits and branding a group is over the top.All of us are concerned about terrorism ,but when any religious or ethnic group is deprived of their constitutional rights it is time to speak up. People poo poo this and say we must stop being politically correct, well I would respond that words have consequences and history teaches us that branding a group can have dire results. I recall a man I interviewed who told me that in 1933 he thought the words spoken about Jews was a passing phenomenon,. and yet it did not stop with name calling.After Pearl Harbor words led to one of the most awful abuses in our history,the incarceration of Japanese Americans.

I don’t want my government to be naive about the danger of terrorism, but I will never support careless rhetoric that lumps a whole race,religion or ethnic group and deprives them of their constitutional rights.

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