Jack Canfield

I and others spent eight amazing hours with Jack Canfield yesterday.Jack has sold over five hundred million books and his goal is to sell one billion by the year 2020.I was spellbound by his insights about life,service and human potential. This is not a pie in the sky guy because before all of this enormous success he had known mountains of rejection and was deeply in debt when his first book took off.One of his thoughts that struck me was his reason for being with us was that we were members of his tribe. He said”all of you in your own way are seeking to make a difference in your world”.He noted that despite our different approaches service to others was the binding reality that each of us brought to the group.
In reality for all my friends and loved ones I am part of your tribe, and what drives me and is my passion is service to you. May I never miss a request for help, or the opportunity to learn from you.

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