Acts of bravery and compassion

In the midst of shock and horror I find it somewhat consoling to reflect on the acts of heroism and compassion that were performed in Paris. It is easy to get lost in anger at the despicable acts of murder, but even in the midst of such horror the capacity for persons to act at a higher plain is worth noting.There were immediate responses by total strangers who tore off their shirts and bound the bleeding wound of a young man. One woman purchased a blouse so that one of the survivors would not have to wear her blood stained garments An elderly woman raced from her apartment and offered shelter in the midst of the killing.Others rushed into the restaurant and immediately offered aid to those wounded on the floor.One man fled from the restaurant but immediately grabbed a mother and her children and led them out the back door to safety.These were but a few of the consoling acts of care and compassion that happened, and will continue to be present.

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