There are limiting statements and beliefs that keep wonderful people from achieving their full potential. Have you heard or accepted any of these limitations?” I am too old to change “It is not the right time to try something new” What will others think of me?” What if I fail?” I don’t have enough money or the time. “I will do it when I retire.” I don’t have enough talent or resources” Nothing ever seems to work out for me”
These and a host of other beliefs that are constantly being reinforced are hurdles that can be overcome if we consciously choose to alter them and substitute new beliefs. It is a proven fact that limitations halt growth, and the non-acceptance of them coupled with new beliefs and actions provide new opportunities.

GOOD NEWS:My publisher has allowed me to give up to fifty copies of Hitler’s Priest free whenever I have the opportunity to speak to a group or organization. The only cost is postage.
Also up to twelve free copies for a book club. Cost again is only postage.

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