Seventy years ago the world had its first view of Auschwitz one of the killing factories where the Nazis murdered countless innocents.The images of emaciated survivors and mounds of human corpses shocked anyone with an ounce of human compassion.Through the years I have had the privilege of speaking with and interviewing survivors and their families, and those moments live in my soul.It is one thing to see the carnage on a newsreel, but actually listening to the horror first hand has a lasting impact.
Auschwitz and the other camps did not happen overnight, they began with racial speech and labels, and ultimately led to the gas chambers.Millions all over the globe still experience the pain and cruelty that bias fosters and Auschwitz is a reminder of where those words spoken with hatred can lead. Never again ,not only for the Jews,but for all oppressed people should be a slogan that makes us speak out for those who have no voice.

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