Ask the right questions

I learned from my mentor Dave Collins that questions are powerful tools. They can open our minds to possibilities and alternative choices.. They can also also be the negative blocks that reinforce faulty images and limit our choices. The key is to choose our questions well.

If we ask the wrong questions our brain will automatically spew out answers that support the question. Our brains go to work, serving up answers that support the beliefs and assumptions we already have. For example, if you ask “ Why do I never get an opportunity to lead in this organization? Your brain will offer choices like:

  • You’re inexperienced.
  • You’re not talented enough.
  • You’re too lay back
  • Your too pushy
  • Your verbal skills are limited
  • Your position locked
  • Your projects are relatively unimportant

Your brain will find answers to your beliefs and assumptions

However if you ask a different question you will get different results.

  • What could I do to enhance my leadership skills?
  • What are the two or three behaviors that will indicate my skills?
  • How can I find leadership opportunities in my present position?
  • How can I find a mentor that will assist me and help me grow?

Ask better questions and you will be amazed at the results they will provide.

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