We are taught from an early age that it is important to invest our money wisely.It is drummed into our heads that we should save”for a rainy day and our future depends on sound investments.This wise counsel is something that most of us take very seriously, but there is another form of investment that should accompany financial planning. We should from cradle to grave be investing in ourselves.Our growth and fulfillment depend on continued attention to seeking opportunities to grow and develop.There us no moment or age when we should stop learning and adding new skills.Our level of success and achievement requires that new learning and opportunities for development be regular investments and not time limited.Are you growing? .Are there career or personal goals that require further education ?Have you focused enough on ways that can enhance your career or personal desires?.It is never too late to dedicate time,focus,energy and yes even dollars in your future. Your 401 K deserves attention but so do you.

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