Tweaking our jobs

Yesterday on my way to the Corner bakery in the morning I observed a policeman stopping traffic to allow a group of very young children and their caretakers to cross the street. Once they reached the other side the policeman engaged them in playful banter, and apparently knew all of their names. The children were smiling, and many hugged him and knew his name as well.When the children left I spoke to him and said what a joy it was to witness the interactions.”He smiled and said’ I try to do this everyday so that they see a cop that cares about them, and is just another friendly person in authority. Also I must admit it is the highlight of my day, and the best part of my job..”
I thought that about it at the bakery ,and realized that every job can be made better if we find one act that makes us feel valued and respected. Looking for ways to make where we spend half of our waking lives is a mission that hopefully we all will take on.

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