I have been asked to write a Leadership book and these are the first thoughts on chapters:

Rules- Update the old learning
Choices- you are never really stuck
Visual- the magnet draws you
Values- listen to your heart and soul
Guts-stiffen your spine
Speech- substitute the new words
Beliefs-field test the old marching orders
Choices-Life is like a box of chocolates
The Past- it is gone and can’t be changed
Style-one size does not fit all
Silos-turn over the sandboxes
Allies- give up the Lone Ranger role
Dissatisfaction –raise the heat in the kitchen
Listening- hold your tongue and open your ears
Fear-Failure is merely feedback
Allies-band of sisters and brothers
Selling- creating value and sharing the risks
Code of conduct-way to stop being strangers.
Planning-There is no Wizard of Oz
Stakeholders-Those with skin in the game
Goals- Benchmarks along the way
Systems-checking out all the moving parts
Growth-all the players grow and benefit.

I really need a title and am counting on you to come up with some dynamic titles. Give it a go,

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