Being Stuck

It is the rare person that at some point in their life is not stuck and may feel powerless to change. It can be a job, relationship or a host of other challenges and each day can be draining .It may feel as is if they are trapped in a maze that has no way out. Negative energy often reinforces the plight, and I believe the law of attraction is a reality that contributes to the pain of being stuck. We attract what we see, what we say to ourselves ,and often the unexamined rules of our lives do not allow the scenario to change . It often feels that we have no choice but to continue being stuck. There is no magic bullet that allows us to move from the negative energy field to a more positive place, but at any given moment this can change. It can change because the level of pain and discomfort can be something that we no longer wish to endure. Raising the level of dissatisfaction can be the first step in choosing to examine the possibility of starting to become unstuck. It is tough being stuck but the question that may be the first step out is” Is there any thing I can do today to having other more positive choices.?”

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