Pregnancy and birth

In April of 1975 we found out that we were pregnant and our first child would arrive in late December or early January. It was a thrilling time and I was one of those fortunate people that had been a spiritual father to many, and now I had the opportunity to be the physical father to one. I knew in some cultures it was considered bad luck to name a child before they were born but I had no fears or reservations about early names. I had always loved the name Marisa so if it was a girl that would be her name. If it was a boy I would like to name the child after Jack Murphy and my father. So John Salvatore will be the baby’s name

One of the most thrilling moments was when we went for an ultrasound. To actually see the life in motion was a joy beyond words. So many feelings exploded in our minds and hearts as we watched our future child. Suddenly the name became more than a selection ,it became real and would forever be a part of who we were as a family.

The months rolled by and I had taken a new office and Elaine despite being ready to give birth at any moment helped me decorate the new digs.I mused to myself that women are truly the superior sex, and Elaine would have made it in the days of the covered wagons. When we arrived home she realized that it was time to go to the hospital and we sped off to Good Samaritan Hospital. Unfortunately she experienced back labor and the contractions and pain went on for hours. I thought to myself while trying to comfort her that if men had to go through this ordeal there would be one child in each family.

Finally the moment arrived ,and it was the most spectacular experience of our lives.To hold this new born person in our arms was a joy beyond description. The hospital had a live in policy and we naively believed that we were fully prepared to care for this infant. All the books had been read, but when we arrived home we soon realized that the books and reality were completely separate phenomena. Every time John stopped breathing I bolted out of bed to make sure he was alright. Of the three of us I soon realized that John was the most together.

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